Your Less Stress Wedding Planning Guide

Your Less Stress Wedding Planning Guide

Wedding planning is stressful. It’s a fact of life. It’s not just the planning that can cause stress though. Other people arguing about who’s invited, not getting the venue you want, how to pay for a honeymoon, and even your new combined debt can cause stress when you should be feeling bliss.

Here are some tips that will hopefully help calm your stress as the days lead up to your nuptials. You don’t want to have pimples and gain five pounds just because you stressed for months and barely got any sleep.

Make A Plan, And Don’t Worry If It Doesn’t Work Exactly

Even the best laid plans come undone. Remember that from the moment you start working out your wedding plan. If you have the money set aside and want less stress, hire a wedding planner.

Wedding planners are experts at weddings and they can take a lot of the weight off your shoulders. Some brides opt to do it themselves only to regret it later. You can shop around for an affordable planner.

To make sure your planner doesn’t stress you out make sure you show them what you want, don’t just tell them. They aren’t psychics, they’re wedding planners.

Find A Venue That Covers It All

Having your wedding at the church, then hauling everyone to the hall can be another hassle to be avoided. Find a great venue that offers everything you need and do it all in one place.

This saves time and money. If your venue supplies your place to walk down the aisle and a separate room for your party, you save on the need to transport people. Find one that offers decor and catering and you’re done!

You’ll still need to get your novelties, like matchbooks with your names on and the wedding date, but that’s far less of a cost than supplying all of the tables, chairs and tablecloths yourself. Plus you end up with someone else to clean up after you.

Finish Planning Off With A Spa Day

Every bride-to-be deserves a day at the spa before her wedding day arrives. Once the planning is all done and you know it’s OK to relax, get the girls together and spend the day getting the royal treatment at the spa.

If a day at the spa is a little out of your price range and the maid of honor didn’t think of it herself, you can always plan a spa day at home with the girls as well. Facials, aromatherapy, and some relaxing music could be just the thing you need to unwind.

Wedding will always be stressful, for everyone involved in the planning, but they will also always be an amazing day. Don’t let the stress overwhelm you. Just make a plan, go with the flow, and take a little time for yourself and relax!