Why Beauty May Be the Most Secure Career Path

Why Beauty May Be the Most Secure Career Path

Human culture is changing all the time. Not a week goes by without a new look or trend forcing its way into the way we look, feel, and think. And this isn’t going to change anytime soon. It’s for this reason that those entering the beauty industry are likely to find job security that many people in more elite industries lack. Here are three different career paths that someone study beauty may travel down.

  1. Entertainment. While not all of us are cut out to be entertainers, it doesn’t mean that we can’t work in that industry. For every beautiful person appearing on a screen or a stage, there are 20-100 people working to make sure this person can do their thing to the best of their ability. This includes at least a few people in hair, makeup, nails and the like. It’s this way that graduates of Marinello Beauty School are finding their way into the sets of films as diverse as Jurassic Park and Ex Machina, and shows from Montel to the Late Late Show. But you don’t have to work on a recording set to get a job in entertainment beautification. Many beauty students go on to work in theatrical roles, making the stars look their best on Broadway or local productions. Others find their way into news and journalism. Every magazine, big blog, and established website that you can think of has photography produced for their work. Each of these will use the services of dedicated beauty workers. So if you’ve ever wanted to work your way into this field, beauty may be the way you can do it. The point is, every person who will appear in from of other people, either on stage, screen, or static image, wants to look their best. Be the one who helps them do that.

  2. Your Neighborhood. Some people don’t want a high stress job or to compete on a national level. They want instead to enjoy a comfortable home life in a community they enjoy. Communities everywhere need people who know how to make others look awesome. So wherever you like to live, you’ll find people making careers of beauty. You’ll be able to do hair, makeup, and nails for people in your city or small town, providing an appreciated service and introducing new beauty ideas to a bunch of people who look to you for your expertise and experience.

  3. Politics. Believe it or not, some of the most enviable beauty positions are found surrounding political careers. Every significant politician has a look that they’re going for. Like the entertainers mentioned above, it takes a lot of work and a committed team to help a politician be and look their very best. Some parties even have their go-to technicians. And you’d better believe that Obama and family have personal beauty workers dedicated to keeping them ship shape at all times. It’s important to look your best, especially if you are a leader in the world or your local community. Beauticians working for political or corporate clients often find themselves in an insular, where word of mouth provides them with many clients who would not be available to them if they worked outside of that community.

These are just three of the many areas where trained beauticians can work and thrive. But it’s not limited to these. Not by a long shot. If you are interested in hearing about all the ways a beauty degree can work for you, ask your prospective school about where their alumni live and work. You could end up working somewhere like that too.