The Three Most Influential Nations in Fashion Today

The Three Most Influential Nations in Fashion Today

Trends and styles change depending on where you are in the world; what’s fashionable in Russia may not be fashionable in Brazil. However, there are nations that have an impact on fashion and styles worldwide, despite their size or location in relation to the rest of the world. To give you some insight into how or why some trends come about the ways they do, we’ve pinpointed the three nations who most influence fashion today.

The United Kingdom

The UK has been influencing countries around the world in fashion for hundreds of years. In fact, according to Duncan Forgan of CNN, the UK tends to defy traditional categorization for fashion trends, unlike almost any other country. Trends that came from the UK don’t all fit into similar streams of fashion, like how France is known for femininity and Sweden for minimalism. With fashions moguls like Mulberry, Burberry, Lyle & Scott and Gieves & Hawkes coming from this area, it’s no wonder why the United Kingdom is seen as a fashion giant around the world. And not only is this area widely considered a leader in fashion, but London, England—arguable the center of UK fashion—is also one of the top two global cities, according to Joel Kotkin of Forbes.


Japan, widely known on the fashion scene for its street style and off-beat trends, is another one of the top countries with a massive influence in global fashion. describes the style of the Japanese by saying, “They show off their love of fashion and haute couture, their love of individuality and their love of their own style as often as possible.” With fashion designers like Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake and Aya Ishiguro, the styles that come from Japan are varied – yet still seem to have a similar thread that runs throughout the entire meld of old-world and new-world culture and fashion. From the classic Kimono to bold and flashy colors and prints, Japanese style can be spotted in a number of other countries around the globe.

The United States of America

With so many different fashion trends having come from within the borders of America, the influence this country has had on global fashion is obvious. Forgan recalls styles that started in America, like blue jeans, western wear, preppy, and hip hop trends, stating that these trends were seen in nations all over the world when they were in their prime. And just like the UK, America has one of the top two global cities according to Forbes – New York City – allowing these home-grown fashion trends to permeate the international scene even more effectively. Notable U.S. fashion designers include Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger, making their styles visible all over the globe and even recreated by other designers worldwide.

While these three cities are by no means the only ones influencing fashionistas, they are some of the most prominent nations who play a large role in disseminating and educating fashion trends and styles. So when you’re looking to modernize your style, search out the fashion trends showcased by the UK, Japan, and America to find the most cutting-edge styles that will soon be known throughout the world.