Practical Yet Fun Outfit Ideas for Kids

Practical Yet Fun Outfit Ideas for Kids

Dressing your kids in anything other than the ordinary is a risky move, unless it’s for Halloween or a costume party. After all, you don’t want to get dirty looks in public because your child trots around in extravagant costumes on a regular basis – that’s just not normal. While full-fledged costumes are a bit beyond the scope of “practical,” there are plenty of ways to think outside of the box with your child’s wardrobe and have a little fun without completely “crossing the line.” Still, no parent wants to send their kid to school looking like the class clown. With that said, let’s take a look a few fun kids’ outfit ideas that are entertaining yet still within the realm of acceptable:

The Young Executive

Why not let your child dress up as a business person, complete with a suit, tie, and dress shoes? If you’re a churchgoer, chances are your little one has already worn a suit once or twice. Try adding an extra entrepreneurial flair to their wardrobe by dressing them up as a “child executive officer” (CEO). For boys, consider a blue button down, black tie, black business slacks, and some dark-colored penny loafers. For girls, try a light pink or yellow button down top with a medium-length business-style skirt/dress. Who knows, you might even inspire your young one to become a child entrepreneur.

Wild West Cowboy Style

If your little one likes to play cowboys and Indians, or watch Western movies or the rodeo, you might want to check out some kids western wear outfits. These outfits typically consists of cowboy boots, denim jeans, western-style belts, long sleeve button down shirts, cowboy hats, and sometimes even fake spurs. This is a particularly fun choice for kids with a strong imagination, as it gives them a chance to take the world of Wild West make-believe with them wherever they go.

Superhero Themed Apparel

What kid doesn’t like superheroes? Just about every child has a favorite superhero or two, and while dressing your kid up in a superhero costume could be considered anything but practical, there are plenty of regular non-costume clothing items that incorporate superhero symbols and animation into their design. You could also complement the outfit with some matching superhero-themed shoes, and a matching belt.

The Little Hippie

Finally, who doesn’t love a little flower child with a tie-dye shirt and some rustic brown corduroy overalls? For girls (or boys with long hair) you could even go the extra mile by braiding their hair into pseudo-dreads held together by colorful hair ties. With the hippie outfit, creative freedom and uniqueness are paramount; any kind of design theme that incorporates peace signs, yin yangs, vibrant colors, nature-themed clothing, or any other hippie-like apparel can fit the bill.

While instructing your kid on what to wear is a great way to take the initiative as a parent, it’s also a good idea to give them the freedom of expression from time to time. This will not only give your little ones the chance to exercise their imagination, it also prepares them for being a big kid by giving them control over their wardrobe on a casual basis. A fun way to let your kid start choosing their own outfits is to have a “choose your own outfit day” every week.