Five Great Places For A Classy First Date

Five Great Places For A Classy First Date

Not everyone wants to go out for dinner and a movie for their first date. While a nice casual first date can be fun for some, why not do something classy. This is great for guys to understand, girls like to be wowed.


Nothing wows a woman faster than a date that requires a suit and a fancy dress. It’s not that hard to come up with classy date ideas, and it doesn’t even have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are five ideas of places to go that exude class.


Go To A Museum


While museums aren’t usually full of people dressed to the nines, this can be a great place to go if the museum is hosting some sort of benefit. Not only will you be enjoying history, but you can also donate to a good cause and have an excuse to dress up.


There are numerous types of museums, and it’s the larger ones that are more likely to have a special event that is worthy of dressed up attire.


Visit An Art Gallery


Art galleries are definitely a great first date place for fancy clothes and for anyone that enjoys art. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even meet one of the artists. According to Park West Gallery, they enjoy welcoming their artists into the gallery and also have special functions, like an art cruise.


Find out if your local art galleries has any special events coming up that would be perfect for a first date.


See A Play


Instead of going to see some movie, how about see a play. It can be fun to dress up and go to Broadway, or just a small local playhouse.


Small local playhouses are often fairly cheap and they have great plays. Take some time to look into what show your local actors are putting on.


Check Out The Opera Or Ballet


The opera or ballet may be too much for a first date for some, but if it’s something you are both into it could be the perfect date. Not everyone likes both of these, and some don’t like either, so it’s important to get a feel for each other before planning this date.


Maybe save it for a later date, if you are unsure. They both give you a chance to put on your fanciest attire though!


Take A Carriage Ride


Finish off your romantic date with a carriage ride to your restaurant of choice. This is perfect so that neither of you has to walk far outdoors in your fancy clothes. Carriage rides are really romantic too!


A classy first date is sure to be impressive, and hopefully if it’s planned out well it will lead to a second date.