Don’t Accept Bad Skin. Change it!

Don’t Accept Bad Skin. Change it!

We all know someone who was just born with amazing skin. How do you do it? we ask, awed. Oh, I just wash it every once in awhile, they brassily reply. For most of us, awesome skin isn’t that easy. But it’s attainable. So don’t give up hope. It’s time to stop giving ourselves excuses that we’re not genetic lottery winners. Even if you aren’t 18 anymore, you can still have the best skin of your life. I’m living proof. Armed with nothing more than my acne mask, a couple of easy to find products, and a disciplined plan, I have become a skin victor. I’m here to share my secrets with you, dear reader. And I hope to see your skin shining and looking sexy in 1-2 weeks. Otherwise, we’re going to have to have a talk.


  • Run Around a Bit. Or perform whatever exercise you are comfortable with. Me? I like Pilates. I know that name evokes a certain middle-aged monied brunch-munching yuppiedom, and I’m not (exactly) any of those things. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love me some Pilates. The gentle difficulty of it is what does it for me. I feel like I’m not investing in bulk. I’m investing in long lean muscles and, most importantly, beautiful skin. I never anticipated it, but it wasn’t until my 30’s that I bought my first acne mask and started exercising. Go figure. And it’s now that I’ve really starting deriving their benefits. I think exercise has had myriad impact on my skin’s overall health, stretchiness, and beauty. So whoever you are, work up a sweat. It’ll work wonders for your skin.
  • Drink a lot of Water. I drink a glass of water at 8 specific times a day. The first is as soon as I turn off my alarm clock. The last is right before I put on my acne mask at night. I also have a glass always waiting for me beside my acne therapy mask, as well as a jumbo cup sitting at my desk for when I sit down to work. Turns out, your skin is mostly water. And simply by making sure that I’m not grossly dehydrated all the time means that my skin gets what it needs. This has had a big impact on very small parts of my body that nonetheless needed improvement. One was my breath, which now smells like Nothing – the best possible smell for breath. The other is my lips, which were formerly perennially chapped. Now they’re all in one piece, and don’t have those unsightly peaks and valleys I had grown so tired of but was about to accept. Now my lips are really getting their beauty sleep when they rest beneath my acne mask at night. God bless ‘em.
  • Get Enough Sleep/Avoid Stress. I’ve used my acne mask for months, and I find that its effects are linked to my overall restedness and stress level. It’s a powerful device on its own, but the acne mask won’t be able to do its best work unless you are getting enough rest. Everybody knows the incredible effects of a good night’s sleep, especially on your skin. If you’re sleeping well, 3 15 minute sessions with the Illumask should be enough to forever banish acne from your face.


There are plenty of other ways to improve your skin. But I wanted to show that there are many ways to do it without spending a lot of money. The most expensive thing in this list is the acne mask, and it doesn’t even cost more than $30. In the end, your skin is your friend. Treat it like one.