Decorating 101: Tips for Beautifying Your Home

Decorating 101: Tips for Beautifying Your Home

Your home is an extension of your style and personality, and it’s important that you turn your haven into something that is specifically yours. You have the ability to choose the colors, furniture, and décor of your home, so it’s important to choose something that fits your needs while also fitting your personal style and taste.

Interior design trends are always changing, making it hard to keep your home update with the latest styles. However, there are plenty of ways that you can beautify and modernize your home without spending money on something that will be out of style in six months. Instead, the following are some basic decorating tips to help you create a stylish and timeless house.

Think light.

When it comes to the paint inside your home, it’s always a good idea to choose a light color. This will make the room look bigger, and lighter colors usually match better with various color furnishings and décor. If you like dark colors, consider using a dark color as an accent wall, as this will allow you to have the color you prefer without making your home feel cramped.

If you’re a creative individual, paint is where your creativity can shine. Paint is one of the least expensive changes you can make to your home, so if you opt for that burnt orange accent wall, but realize you no longer like it a few years from now, you can easily change it without spending a fortune. The paint in your home is where you can dabble with different colors as well as different options (such as stencils) for an accent wall, so be sure to use your creativity here.

Think neutral.

Although you can choose any type of furniture you want for your home, it’s always best to think about furniture that you would want both today and in the future. This is why it’s a good idea to choose something neutral in tone. When you opt for neutral furniture, you’ll be able to keep it throughout the years as your style changes. Instead of opting for a neon green couch, you can paint a neon green accent wall in your living room and complement it with aneutral fabric, velvet, or leather sofa. This way, when you tire of the neon green color, you’ll only have to repaint your wall, which is much less expensive than buying new furniture or having old furniture reupholstered.

Less is more.

Nobody wants to feel cluttered, and having too many personal belongings or furniture can do just that. Instead, when it comes to decorating your home, remember that less is more. Don’t buy the oversized couch if a smaller one will do just fine. This will save you space and help make your home look bigger. You should also avoid having too many dressers in your bedroom. Instead, opt for a closet organizer in order to maximize space.

The same rule applies for décor as well as furniture. For example, if you have shelves, be sure they’re not completely covered with stuff. Instead, pick and choose a few items and spread them out. Again, this will make your home appear more clean and organized.

Bigger is (sometimes) better.

There are two areas of home décor where bigger is typically better. The first area is window coverings. When choosing curtains, make sure to choose a size that’s bigger than your window. If possible, opting for a curtain that goes from ceiling to floor is ideal, as this will draw the eye to the ceiling and make the room appear bigger.

The second time bigger is better is in relation to an area rug. If you are placing an area rug under your bed, for example, make sure the rug is bigger than the bed. If the rug only sticks out a little bit or only covers a small portion of the floor under the bed, it will look strange. Instead, make sure you are buyingthe right size area rug for your room to ensure it’s useful.